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What is Emulsion Diesel?

New generation Nanotech Bio-fuels (defined as emulsion of water in diesel) typically made of 10% to 20% mass/mass water mixed with specific additives.

Adding water to diesel dates back to the early 1900s. There are hundreds of patents issued on water-diesel blends.


Nano-Emulsion Diesel

Our Nano-Emulsion Diesel is unique and proprietary. The basic elements in our Additive are organic and bio-degradable.

Our Nano-Emulsion Diesel is different from other emulsion diesel - they are milky in look (white diesel).

SGEF - Crystal Clear Italy Japan USA

Comparison between Commercial ULSD and SgEF Emulsion Diesel Properties

Properties Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Emulsion Diesel
Appearance Clear Clear
Sulphur (S) % wt 0.005 0.001 to 0.005
Cetane Value 42 to 48 43.3 to 52.4
Flash Point (PMC) oC 60 to 66 110 to 122
Carbon Residue % wt 0.2 0.001 to 0.02
Copper Corrosion 3hr @ 100 oC Class 1 Class 1

SgEF Emulsion Diesel Test Report >>

Sample Marked Normal Diesel Sample A - E-Diesel Sample B - E-Diesel
Carbon, as CO2 (%) 87.3 72.1 71.4

Compared to normal E-Diesel, our Super Green E-Diesel is able to reduce as much as 18% of
CO2 emission.

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