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How does Emulsion Diesel Work?

Water-in-Diesel yields the following effects:

  • Secondary Combusion or Micro-Combusion : The water contained inside the emulsion fuel
    will explode (water has lower boiling point) that resulted in dispersion of smaller droplet
    which increase the surface area between fuel and air
  • Combusion is more effecient due to smaller fuel droplet which result in less unburn fuel
    and the forming of "soot"
  • High pressure steam increase the volume and give the extra "push" to the pistons

Net results:

  • Reduces combustion temperature peaks (lowers NO & NOx) and particulate formation (lowers PM).
  • Since portion of the fuel (mainly hydrocarbons, Diesel = C12H23) is replace with water (H2O), the emission will have less Carbon Dioxide
  • More power from the High Pressure
Technical Data and Field Testing
at different locations in Asia
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