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Why should you choose Emulsion Diesel?

Better than Bio-Diesel

  • •  Use WATER, a readily available substance
  • •  Better combustion and prolong engine life (cooler engine)

Saving the Planet

  • •  Use lesser fossil diesel as compared to Bio-Diesel
       (such as B5 or B10)
  • •  Emulsion Diesel can blend as much as 25% water or use only
       60% fossil diesel

Saving the Environment

  • •  Reduction in CO2, NO and NOx

Reduce Air Pollution - Particulate Matter (PM)

  • •  Our field tests showed a reduction of about 70% of PM from
       exhaust emission during the Smoke Test using Opacity Test Machine

Storage Safety

  • •  The Flash-Point of our Emulsion Diesel is as high as 120oC
       as compared to 60 to 80oC for Diesel and hence safe for storage

No Modification to existing Diesel Engines

  • •  No engine modification is required when using our Emulsion Diesel,
       unlike CNG, LPG or hybrid vehicles
Technical Data and Field Testing
at different locations in Asia
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